Benefits to simplicity include improved satisfaction, feeling rather than only noticing joy, and savoring the best this moment in time has to offer.

Just be more, with less…

Simplicity? What is it and how may we get more of it? Get more of it? That sounds like a contradiction. In a material sense, yes – less is more. I try to coach (myself and) clients that getting more of what is most precious, core in our value systems, more of that isn’t a bad thing.

Think of yourself as a bug, moving through the world, hoping not to get stuck in a broad sweeping spider web of goop. Simplicity is the open space to move through and beyond the goop. It may seem like nothing at all, but it’s the good stuff of life: simply there, nothing more. Simplicity is the open space to keep us safe and moving forward, no matter the goop around us.

Keys to access simplicity:

Pause often

Try on beginner’s eyes, noticing a loved one as if it is the first time

Pay attention through your senses

Just breathe

Want more simplicity:

Rather than striving,

Recognize that your being, your community, and this moment is enough.

Rather than rigidity,

Reward yourself and others through empathy.

Rather than searching,

Realize you are right where you’re supposed to be.

Rather than the details,

Recall the essence of being is a collection of tiny, imperfect moments that form the big picture.

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